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Mystery UFO Flying Toy

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Some of the most brain intensive yet futile endeavours include clarifying exactly what love is, determining whether the egg came before the chicken, and discovering whether there is indeed intelligent life out there. The Suspension Mystery UFO Flying Toy is an outrageous testament to the existence of aliens. Able to fly, float and hover, this UFO to appears to work with a remote guiding the spacecraft, or at least with batteries inside. The truth is, it works on nothing but pure physical magic, making even the worst skeptics believe in the existence extraterrestrials. Amaze your friends, kids and pets with this incredible toy, watching with glee as their jaws drop in disbelief, shock and wonder, helping you make sure that your children's oral health is in top shape. Throw the UFO Flying Toy like a flying disc, spin it like a top, and make it hover and float. The amazing effect sets up in a few seconds. No one will ever guess it's an illusion.